Monday, 22 April 2013


Pay To Click (PTC) is a simple method to make money online by viewing advertisements. This is the simplest way to make money.If you cannot earn form this you cannot earn from anywhere because it is extremely simple and free.Just Basic computer and Internet knowledge is required that’s all. 
  First day it will take some time due to registration purposes.Just view each ad for 30 seconds or less depending up on the sites.Just spend 5 minutes per day for single site. We have started earning.After logging in, just click on the "Surf Ads"/view ads tab.Click on each Ads and wait for 30 seconds. Ads will be reset after 24 hrs. Don`t open more than one Ads simultaneously as it will best rucking off and will not be credited.Do not register more than 1 time for a single site(As your IP address is noted)They will suspend all your accounts.Watch.. the amount is credited your account. You can cash out the amount when it reaches the minimal level as mentioned in the homepage of those PTC can earn even more by referring friends. 

Daily Earning without referrals: +/- $ 0,25 Bonuses – Extra cash bonuses are given when you earn $ 3, $ 6 and $ 9. The amounts given vary depending on your membership level:Basic and Verified members earn an extra $ 0,15 per $ 10 ($ 0,03, $ 0,05, $ 0,07).Pro members earn an additional $ 0,45 per $ 10 ($ 0,05, $ 0,15, $ 0,25).Toolbar – The site has toolbar with instant ad notifications. Members who use the toolbar are more likely to see more ads.

 Ads: ~10 per day, click rate $0.1-$0.2.Payout: Minimum $8 for standard members, to PayPal or Alert Pay.Online and paying since 2007.Chance to win $5 every day.Referrals: $0.02-$0.08 per click. Unlimited number of referrals.

 Ads: Usually around 10 per day, with a click rate of $0.3-$0.1.Payout: Minimum $1 to Alert Pay or PayPal.Lots of easy sign up offers that pays $0.10 and up.Get paid $0.1 per hit to promote your referral URL.Referrals: Earn 10% on clicks and sign up offers. Unlimited referrals.

 UniqPaid is an international program, where you get paid for signing up for Free Offers, reading E-mails, completing Paid Tasks, Paid Surveys, Visiting Sites, Online Shopping and for Referring Friends. You get paid by pay pal, check and gift cards. There is no minimum for cash out. Whether you make just $.01 or $500, you can request it through pay pal. You’ll get +10% CASH BONUS for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration in our program, so I would suggest you to try to complete as many offers as possible. Members are accepted from any country.

 Ads: ~10 ads per day with a click rate of $0.3-$0.1.Payout: AlertPay or PayPal. Low $1 minimum for standard members.Get paid $0.10-$0.50 to complete sign up offers.Promote your referral URL and earn $0.1 per valid hit.Referrals. Unlimited number of referrals. Earn 10% of all earnings.

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